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Thread: Misfits (UK TV Show)

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    Default Misfits (UK TV Show)

    Tell me some of you have watched this? It's freakin' amazing... one of the best shows out there right now and when reading its premise, you wouldn't expect - a bunch of juvenile teenage troublemakers sentenced to many hours of community service are struck by freak lightning in a storm and get superpowers! Hah... it's above and beyond Heroes, Skins (and I love Skins) so check it out if you haven't! But anywho, my typing of the characters: It's quite hard to type them actually, I think it's mainly b/c I want to have the relationships make sense but when you look @ them individually, it doesn't seem to work.

    Nathan: ILE < - this one is obvious to me... with a mixture of EIE qualities, major HA. He reminds me of Gilly in a way.
    Alisha: SLI / SEE ? Hrm, a really harsh sarcastic attitude with sweetness underneath, I relate to her.
    Kelly: SEE-Se ... was also thinking maybe SLE but her cynicism and straightforwardness / tenderness in relationships makes me think >
    Simon: LII < - obvious when you look @ him individually but I wish that he and Alisha could have a good Socionics relationship...
    Black Guy (forgot his name): SLE (boring one)
    Nikki (New Teleporting girl): IEI-Ni or ILI-Ni very cynical.

    Actually, they're all quite down to the ground cynical types.

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    Nathan Young: ILE-Ne
    Simon Bellamy: LII
    Kelly Bailey: SLI/SEI
    Curtis Donovan: SLE
    Alisha Bailey: Ese?
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