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Thread: Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts

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    Default Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts

    i have a really weird reaction to this guy. on one hand the way he looks with the fake tan and the, um.. hair...makes him seem like a total douchebag, but i guess that's just PR or whatever. on the other hand i get the impression we would get along well for some reason (although i have no good reason for saying this because i've seen very little of him). lol. so i'm curious about his type because of my conflicted reaction to his vibe/impression.

    my VI impression is ESE, but i haven't given any real thought to his type.

    i had trouble finding a decent video of him. he doesn't talk until about a minute into this one.

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    Hmm, I've kinda been wondering about him too. Definitely Ej, probably /. Doesn't strike me as ESTj, so ESFj could work.
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    It's pretty cool

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