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Thread: 3 Girls By Photo

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    Wink 3 Girls By Photo

    lol, don't laugh at the URL... I'm new to the area (as in, just moved) so I'd rather spend $50 than have to deal with Craigslist BS.

    I can't decide between these 3 people, so let's see if maybe you can kinda sorta guess the gist of these people's types, so I can kinda sorta guess who I'd be most "compatible" with. I'm out of other ideas.

    Raven from San Francisco, US. San Franciscan who's always up for a good time! I ...

    Ashlee from San Lorenzo, US. i am 5'7, i have black hair, green eyes am 130lbs ...

    Ashley from Berkeley, US. Hi! I'm a second year photography student at ...

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    You've already posted this exact topic with those exact three links. Bump the older one please. Thank you.
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