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    some sort of N type?
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    can this be related to:

    Quote Originally Posted by Oxy View Post
    Something I have noticed in myself is my reaction when certain topics arise in conversation, perhaps itís indicative of my unvalued functions.

    I donít know how to explain it, but I feel deeply irritated. And the strange thing is, its not so much the topic, which involve future plans, decisions taken, discussing the human soul, and those sort of philosophical things; but the type of delivery, which unfortunately Iím having difficulty identifying... I just know I hate it! ha!

    Another thing that annoys me is when people state that they know all about me (not factual-wise, but emotional-wise), and they know who I am inside, when in my mind they have no idea since they arenít me.. I donít know if Iím explaining it correctly. But if someone starts telling me (or worse, a third person) what they think to be my self, or their analysis of my self, Iím like ďSHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!Ē. I donít really know why. I try to be polite (though Iím sure my discomfort is apparent) because I understand they are doing this analysis innocently and sharing their perceived discoveries, and perhaps theyíre right! But I donít like it! Itís like I donít like my motives analyzed. Just let me be!

    Returning to the second paragraph, maybe what irritates me in those philosophical conversations (and I might just be a bystander, in which case I will leave) is the type of delivery (analyzing motives).

    I donít feel Iíve expressed my sentiments towards these situations in their entirety nor accurately. But itís the best I can do for now.
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    First thought: Ne-PoLR (see wikisocion ESI Ne-PoLR description), but don't quote me on that. I need to get some sleep before typing anything seriously, seriously.

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