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    Default The Bouquet Group

    One of the special groups mentioned in Reinin's Book. Here's Reinin's description:

    This is a very interesting group especially from the point of view of its effect on the health of its members. People of certain types are prone to certain illnesses. Here we have four groups of types, each has a peculiar “bouquet of ailments.”
    1. A Don Quixote, a Huxley, a Zhukov, a Napoleon. --EPs
    2. A Dreiser, a Dostoevsky, a Robespierre, a Maxim. -- IJs
    3. A Holmes, a Jack London, a Hugo, a Hamlet. --EJs
    1. A Balzac, a Gaben, a Dumas, a Tutankhamon. --IPs

    Has anyone been in such a group? What were your experiences? Do you think Reinin's description is valid or not?

    Is Reinin trying to say here that if you bring all four members of the group together, they will be more likely to have certain ailments then if they are separated? Or do you think Reinin is just saying that members of the same temperament are more likely to acquire certain ailments and it doesn't matter if they are all together or not?
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    I think he's just trying to say that temperaments tend to complain of similar sets of ailments. IPs and feeling constantly tired, for instance.

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