One of the special groups mentioned in Reinin's Book. Here's Reinin's description:

Here we have another set of relationships: S, N, D. Judging by the superficial manifestations the effect of this gathering on its members looks similar to the one of the "Square"; however, they do not go into a trance. When given a task they do not do anything. "It’s been some time. Any results?" – "Oh, everything's fine without any tasks…" They do not have a motive to fellowship with one another. When they are together they become irresponsible. The group is suitable for spending time on a vacation only. Significant decrease of physical, mental and emotional activity can be observed here.
1. A Don Quixote, a Balzac, a Napoleon, a Dumas. (ILE, ILI, SEE, SEI)- alpha/gamma irrationals
2. A Holmes, a Maxim, a Hamlet, a Dostoevsky. (LSE, LSI, EIE, EII)- beta/delta rationals
3. A Jack London, a Robespierre, a Dreiser, a Hugo. (LIE, LII, ESI, ESE)- alpha/gamma rationals
4. A Zhukov, a Tutankhamon, a Gaben, a Huxley. (SLE, IEI, SLI, IEE)- beta/delta irrationals

Has anyone been in such a group? What were your experiences? Do you think Reinin's description is valid or not?

I find this grouping rather interesting because it does contain two dual pairs that are in opposing quadras. The relationships involved include duality, super-ego, and extinguishment. Its the opposing quadra dual pairs that probably explains why the group can't get anything done together and is not motivated to have fellowship with one another.