One of the special groups mentioned in Reinin's Book. Here's Reinin's description:

It is enough for the members of this group to simply get together sit down and they are immediately relaxed and happy. There is no need for introductions, suggestions, or relaxing music. Relaxation happens spontaneously and naturally. This type of a group works well for sessions of stress relief, autogenic training, meditation, etc. The "Square" helps its members to glide into trance much faster and smoother.
1. A Don Quixote, a Dumas, a Gaben, a Huxley. (ILE, SEI, SLI, IEE)- base Si/Ne
2. A Holmes, a Dostoevsky, a Hugo, a Robespierre. (LSE, EII, ESE, LII)- creative Si/Ne
3. A Jack London, a Dreiser, a Maxim, a Hamlet. (LIE, ESI, LSI, EIE)- creative Ni/Se
4. A Zhukov, a Tutankhamon, a Balzac, a Napoleon. (SLE, IEI, ILI, SEE)- base Se/Ni

Has anyone been in such a group? What were your experiences? Do you think Reinin's description is valid or not?