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    Where does talent begin and end, and time spent doing something kick in; or what balance of influence do these two things have?

    Take me for example--am I bad at comprehending non-mathsy stuff because I'm just bad at it due to something in my brain, or because I spent all my time focusing my thoughts on mathsy and sciency stuff instead? And then, am I good at those because of the hours I spent there, or because I'm naturally a mathematical sort of thinker? A mixture perhaps?

    I mean, this isn't about me, I'm just using me as an example.

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    From what i've seen of IQ tests, they often test 3 areas, numerical ability, verbal ability and spatial ability. People can score high on all three, but seems to be high in one, middle in the other and lower in the other - rather than a full spread.

    Of course, some people who do really well in IQ tests will score really high in all 3 in comparison to the average dude, but comparitively (within their own scores) they won't score equal (or close enough to equal) in all 3.

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