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Thread: Difficulty putting sensory impressions into words

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    Default Difficulty putting sensory impressions into words

    Are Si types better at putting sensory impressions into words?

    I'm talking here about describing smells, how something feels, etc.
    I often struggle to find the words to describe such things. When I'm driving my car and something doesn't feel quite right, I take notice but trying to explain in words exactly what's wrong to the mechanic in the shop is difficult. One time I told the mechanic to just drive the car once around the block and you'll know what I mean.

    I have similar problems trying to describe smells. I can tell you if its pleasant or not or if it reminds me of something familiar but that's about it. Is my difficultly with such things related to weak Si?

    I would guess maybe Si ego types are good at this sort of thing because they think a lot in terms of sensory impressions and have cultivated this skill and so have a larger vocabulary to utilize to describe what they experience?

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    Actually I think it may work in reverse. The detailed impression they get can be hard to put into words. I think an Si type may have an inclination to have vocabulary developed around slight differences of impressions, but I don't think they'll always be able to explain it better. They probably find them selves struggling to find the right word more often than others which is what would cause them to develop that more intricate vocabulary.

    Edit: basically, I think that an intricate vocabulary of sensual details will be roughly proportional to the level of awareness of the focus on the sensual details, but the amount they struggle with it will vary from person to person.
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    My SEI brother isn't very good at describing something. So I'll try it and say something like, "It has the oomph of a caterpillar with a hint of orange." He'll excitedly say, "Exactly!"

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    Yeah, not good at describing sensory information. However, I have a lot of words for colouring emotionally what I perceive.

    As for why... for anyone who's learned another language, the goal is to start thinking in that language. So say if you're learning Latin, you don't look at a frog and see a frog, you see a rana. It's like that for me, my vocabulary for sensory things is in a sensory language, not English. So unless I have an English name for something, or the things that make a something up (eg most smells can be compared to other smells), I will describe it in my mind with other sensory things.

    Taste and smell are the worst offenders, possibly because they're the most complex senses.

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