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Thread: Ne and Ni explained

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    Default Ne, Ni (and a part of S) explained

    Quote Originally Posted by Pied Piper View Post
    Well the most obvious difference is that ILIs, compared to you, always come with and interpretation of what someone states. SLI is the opposite, they're like "what?" and never try to interpret something whose meaning is not self-evident.

    So what have we learned today? Rule numero uno: ILIs always guess. Rule number two: SLIs never guess.

    Do you know who Elle Driver was?

    You're right in what you're saying, in at least the sense that you're elucidating to the underlying action(s) of S vs N. And I want to use this as one vehicle to explain N vs S. Thank you, it tied in nicely with the following post.

    But this isn't a conversation just between two people. I think this is important for the whole forum, as I said above, you're simply providing something useful to me, so although unitentional by you, thank you.

    On that, for whole forum (and including yourself as part of the forum of course)...

    Forum thread information! I will elaborate on N and S:

    Something i've said before, is that N is about wholeness. Ne is external wholeness and Ni is internal wholeness.

    Basically, what this means is that - at least in my own way of explaining it, is that Ne deals with 'objects' - things, ... externals, so it connects external objects to form various possibilities, the conclusion, wholeness. These are based on external things and basically covers everything. This actually describes Ganins Ne HA - to be perfect. Perfect as Ne considers all the possibilities to do with the external world, so with everything considered, the EXTj can be 'perfect' and have the HA satiated.

    Ni - is internal wholeness. So if Ne is about external possibilities, Ni is about internal possibilities... internal wholeness. As Ni is internal what it does is base itself within it's own imagination. So it can construe all sorts of possibilities....all sorts of wholeness but internally, which are therefore basically a product of it's own mind. Now, when it comes down to it, how does one know it's actually true? It's based on an internal thing, the minds eye wholeness, and again this is how the HA of Ni is to believe. When it comes to it, it's indefinable, one simply has to accept it...either you believe this course of action or you don't.

    I'm not saying this will capture everything about N, but it's pretty much it, more or less.

    I'll elucidate some take on it as per by Pied Pipers quote, which some S and N types already posted to agree on.

    Also, this thread:

    Here, Hitta is looking for the specifics, the reason who Maritsa was banned - in a nutshell.

    However, look at what jxrtes is saying, tying in with this also this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by jxrtes
    It's more than that. It's a repeated pattern of using people's information. And I think the forum will look better to guests without her. She's still dragging down the discussion, even if she doesn't post as often as she used to.
    The overall picture, is that jxrtes is seeing the 'bigger picture', it's not a one thing but a connection of all the external events. Now jxrtes can probably list the things individually and be specific, but he's taking the wholeness of it - the complete picture with it's possibilities, he's not having to be forcefed the specifics (and likely being N he's not instinctively realising that others without N won't see this - NOTE: this is a good tip for people irl when dealing with N and S types, if you're N, remember that S people can't see what you're seeing unless it's explained).

    So, all that's really going on there is that jxrtes is showing he's an N, and and Hitta that he's really S.

    Note: I'm not saying everything Ganin says is correct, i'm simply saying that he's elucidating to the same principle on this case: it's right and agrees with 'classical socionics' at least from common sense and more or less what is said about it on wikisocion.
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