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Thread: Am I a nine?

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    Default Am I a nine?

    I'm wondering now if I might be E9 instead of E4. What do you think?
    Not a rule, just a trend.

    IEI. Probably Fe subtype. Pretty sure I'm E4, sexual instinctual type, fairly confident that I'm a 3 wing now, so: IEI-Fe E4w3 sx/so. Considering 3w4 now, but pretty sure that 4 fits the best.

    Yes 'a ma'am that's pretty music...

    I am grateful for the mystery of the soul, because without it, there could be no contemplation, except of the mysteries of divinity, which are far more dangerous to get wrong.

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    Why do you think you might be E9?

    I guess for more introverted people, the most noticeable difference is going to be revealed by the question "Is my inner world more happy and ideal, or more dark?" Not that Nines can't be wistful, or occasionally melancholy.

    A Nine would look back to "happier times" with a sense of nostalgia that totally obscures anything conceivably "bad" about them, for example.

    I'm kind of skirting around what a Four would be like, because I have no experience with being one

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    No because you don't withdraw emotionally when you're "threatened" or scared by an Ne type.
    Dual type (as per tcaudilllg)
    Enneagram 2w1sw(1w9) helps others to live up to their own standards of what a good person is and is very behind the scenes in the process.
    Tritype 1-2-6 stacking sp/sx

    I'm constantly looking to align the real with the ideal.I've been more oriented toward being overly idealistic by expecting the real to match the ideal. My thinking side is dominent. The result is that sometimes I can be overly impersonal or self-centered in my approach, not being understanding of others in the process and simply thinking "you should do this" or "everyone should follor this rule"..."regardless of how they feel or where they're coming from"which just isn't a good attitude to have. It is a way, though, to give oneself an artificial sense of self-justification. LSE

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    I think you're a 4w3. I have wondered the same about myself. I don't particularly like conflict. Yet "peace at all costs" isn't my value system either.

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