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Thread: Microcurrency in the EU

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    Default Microcurrency in the EU

    From Stalwart To Skeptic, Germany Rethinks EU Role : NPR

    An excerpt:

    The financial calamity of the European Union's sovereign debt woes has shaken the pillars of the postwar ideal of a united Europe. The debt crisis and the global downturn have left many European countries looking inward these days and viewing Brussels as increasingly irrelevant.

    Germany, long a postwar champion and financier of European integration, is flexing its muscles more independently. And more of its citizens are questioning the country's leading role in the European project.

    On a recent day, Christian Gelleri buys a sandwich and a glass of Hefeweizen at a rustic, sun-filled outdoor beer garden along the Inn River in the Upper Bavarian town of Stefanskirchen.

    But the 40-year-old isn't paying with euros. The bar also accepts chiemgauer, the thriving local currency named after a region in Bavaria.
    Chiemgauer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Christian Gelleri, a high school teacher, started this project with his students who are in charge of designing and printing vouchers, administration, accounting, advertising and other services. Chiemgauer is member of a regional currencies' network called Regiogeld e. V. (regiomoney-association).
    The Chiemgauer is intended to:[citation needed]

    1. Employment creation: students, unemployed and volunteers are hired to work, earning some allowances.
    2. Promotion of cultural, educational and environmental activities: the Chiemgauer system supports non-profits who work for such purposes
    3. Promotion of sustainability: organic food and renewable energy among others
    4. Strengthening the solidarity: enhancing the human relationship between local shoppers and businesses
    5. Stimulation of local economy: Chiemgauer retains purchasing power within the region better than the euro and favors local small businesses, stimulating transactions by the demurrage.


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    The Euro was always a bad idea.

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    People want to choose their currency for a reason. I believe the Euro will eventually become worthless.
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