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Thread: Bwahaha! That's what was missing!

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    Default Bwahaha! That's what was missing!

    Welcome back Sam!

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    I thought for a second this thread was going to be about how you had decided you were actually beta, which I would have been quite surprised at.
    Not a rule, just a trend.

    IEI. Probably Fe subtype. Pretty sure I'm E4, sexual instinctual type, fairly confident that I'm a 3 wing now, so: IEI-Fe E4w3 sx/so. Considering 3w4 now, but pretty sure that 4 fits the best.

    Yes 'a ma'am that's pretty music...

    I am grateful for the mystery of the soul, because without it, there could be no contemplation, except of the mysteries of divinity, which are far more dangerous to get wrong.

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    I think I'd be more surprised than you if I ever decided I was Beta.

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