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Thread: Quadra likes/dislikes about each other

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    Default Quadra likes/dislikes about each other.

    Just curious,

    What do you guys like and dislike about each other? (Within the beta quadra)

    INFp- Likes: Clowns, I love their comical rants. Always wants to do stuff
    with me.

    Dislikes: Sometimes talk and dream a little too much for me.
    Sometimes get tired of all they stuff they want me to do.

    ESTp- Likes: Says stuff as it is, up front and no non-sense "Dude you
    need to take a shower." Very fun. Can get stuff done.

    Dislikes: Don't like following rules..."I do what I want!" lol

    ENFj- Likes: Daring, over the top, talk the talk and walk the walk.

    Dislikes: Their popularity makes me feel jealous lol
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    Like: "smart" in a way that I can really appreciate. Tend to have interests that are in the same general area as me. Sometimes INFps that are more successful than me make good role models. I find that INFps are often more fun to hang out with drunk than sober, mostly because many INFps are as repressed as I am. I tend not to be super-close with INFps, for some reason. I don't know if there were any INFps in my class in high school, and if there were, I didn't hang out with them. I know a few in college, but we're not close, sadly.
    Dislike: Sometimes more dramatic than I can really handle. I want to have the tempestuous soul around here!

    Like: high frequency of funny ENFjs. Spice up a social situation, always good to have at a party. A good ENFj can completely fix a social group, not in the sense that they make the people in the group any better, but they just always know something to say to keep the energy in the room good, and unlike me, they never get tired of doing so.
    Dislike: can get WAY TOO DRAMATIC. Like, seriously, calm the eff down, it is not that big of a deal, the world is not going to end, I promise. Also, they tend to be, although certainly are not always, but they tend to be less intellectual than other betas. Of course, that varies significantly by person.

    Like: Have that SLE get-it-done-ness without being quite so unapproachably cool. Usually a great study partner, incidentally; they'll generally cover my academic weak spots and vice versa. I can always go out and do something with my ISTj friends, and if we have something to talk about, we can almost always have a good conversation. Also, there tends to be a lot of mutual admiration between me and ISTjs I've met. They have a degree of the "make me listen" capacity that ESTps have, but not to the same degree. The Se-subtypes, obviously, have it to a greater degree.
    Dislike: Sometimes if we don't have something to talk about, conversation stagnates. Presumably, analyzed from a socionics POV, they want Fe all the time, and I just don't have it, not all the time.

    Like: Well, I mean, they're awesome. But for real, friendships with SLEs tend to get better as time goes on (I've never dated one, sadly); the closer I get to an SLE, the more positive our interactions become. They're cool because they encourage me to do stuff that I need to do, and somehow with them it works, it actually leads to me changing or doing something, which is weird. Intellectually, I find that SLEs and I are complementary/compatible. When I'm about to get something wrong or go too far in one direction, they have a perspective that will bring me back, and vice versa.
    Dislike: However, occasionally they do get a hair too bossy/inconsiderate, and I don't really know how to fix that. Also, I dunno, sometimes hanging out with ESTps can be too much of a good thing? Like I need a break to avoid being overwhelmed.
    Not a rule, just a trend.

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