This show is my guilty pleasure. Almost like devouring a bucket of cookie dough ice cream drenched in corn syrup. Both sweet & gross at the same time.

Jill Zarin -- SEE.
An avid socialite & strong personality. She clearly supervises Alex.

Alex McCord -- EII.
soft & caring nature. Her Se PoLR is as big as her forehead.

Bethenny Frankel -- LSE

LuAnn de Lesseps (the countess) -- possible EIE?

Ramona Singer -- LIE
She's a great, successful business woman. Claims that making money is like an aphrodisiac. Seems to enjoy Fi (while not being particularly good at it), while having an obvious Fe role.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon -- ??
too confusing to type. I believe she has a few serious mental problems. Seems to be seriously threatened by Bethenny.

Sonja Morgan -- for now I'm thinking IEE

Though it could be somewhat staged, I believe the emotions are real & It's interesting to watch the relationships play out through a Socionics perspective.