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Thread: Betas & The Persecutor, Victim, & Rescurer Triangle

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    Default Betas & The Persecutor, Victim, & Rescurer Triangle

    I recently came across this TED Dynamic website in association with the Technology in Education & Design Conference.

    I would say that Betas can play any role in the triangle, but that there's probably a tendancy towards rescuer and victim behavior in NFs and more of the persecutor tendancies in the SJs or SPs - at least if you view it through the sexual subtypes (ENFJ & INFP Victims and ESTP & ISTJ Conquerers). I think there can be a tendancy for ESTPs to rescue and ISTJs to act as victims, but that it never overcomes their overall tendancy to strategize or be aggressive.

    Anyway this website discusses ways we can shift our roles into more positive ones. Please feel free to discuss:

    TED* Tools || Video Vault

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    Socionics as an ideal system describes healthy individuals. The Drama triangle you've got here describes how people ranging from unhealthy to burdened by life wrangle with each other in intimate relationships. The two are not related, exist separately, and describe wholly discrete things.

    Since the Drama triangle is a reflection of dynamics imprinted on us during childhood, I could at least see a correlation being made between types present in family and which roles a person is likely to take or avoid; perhaps also extending to the person's own type. I would think that there's no clear-cut relationship, however.

    Also note that I'm referring to the Kaufman Drama Triangle here, which may or may not have been covered by your video, which I haven't watched.

    Anyway, an example, I seem to be locked in a very slow cycling between Victim and Rescuer with someone rather close to me, and we're both definitely Ne/Si Quadra types. The presence of one in one of us seems to cause the presence of the opposite to manifest in the other, curiously. Needless to say it's a bad pattern, and one that is stubbornly difficult to break despite my best efforts (the more I try, the worse I make things... sort of like a pit of quicksand, only without the direct feedback of !!OH THAT WAS A BAD IDEA HOLY DUCKS I'M DROWNING IN SAND AAHHHHHHH!!)

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