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Thread: ESFjs are crazy!

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    Default ESFjs are crazy!

    So me and ESE are attending composition courses and now we both got homework to draw static composition which should reflect either summer or peace.

    ESE calls: Hey! are you drawing?
    me: trying to.... i can't understand the meaning of "static"
    ESE: easy! it means standing or erect!!
    me: not necessarily. as i understood it has to be monumental, unmovable.
    ESE: why? you are making problems out of nowhere! draw erect penis and you will get static composition! teachers will love it!
    me: i believe so...... but how to reflect summer in penis? probably peace is easier... but if i will try to reflect peace then i will have to draw a pussy too.... damn.... too much of work....
    ESE: that's sooo great!!! cmon draw penis and pussy and come tomorrow to the class! or i will come and take your work.
    me: they will kick me out of that class
    ESE: who cares it's the last lesson anyway!
    me: who cares? if we will get into that university it's 3 years of more lessons!
    ESE: fuck that! that's art!
    me: wait! how to arrange a pussy there? above the penis? and the fluids are falling down statically?
    ESE: shit... the pussy often has hair and hair is dynamic!

    what fluids????? draw a pussy! and no fluids!!! try it!
    me: stop making me laugh!!!!
    ESE: what's so funny? it's only a pussy!

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