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Thread: Fear, Movies, and Enneagram Types

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    Default Fear, Movies, and Enneagram Types

    Type 6 - Zombies/Body Snatcher/Social Paranoia/Trust/Survival Horror/Disease
    I can see how the type 6 could be oriented towards this particular fear, it underscores the idea of everyone around them being untrustworthy/contamenated. Usually in these genres, there is a tight nit group of people which the protagonist can trust and then others that cannot be trusted. This seems to relate to intensity triad (issues of trust intimacy) and the fear/anxiety/dread of thinking types.

    Zombie Movies, Body Snatcher (Aliens in Disguise), Survival Horror, Outbreak/Disease, Catastrophy Survival, Being Decieved

    Type 5 - Mystery/Dread/Psychological/Investigation/Internal/Existental-Nihilistic
    Type 5 I think is more psychological in its fears, less focused on the exterior world, but more internally focused, like being psychotic and not knowing it, loosing control. They are competency triad. Also since they are investigators the fear of a 5 is more slow-building and investigative, like a slow building dread. Movies with a 5 style of fear go for some unknown source of fear or dread that is slowly investigated, whilst a mounting tension arrises. Also fears helplessness, being trapped and confined. Also existential fears, like not really existing.

    Existential (Not really existing), Being Crazy/Psychological Unstable and not knowing it, Investigating Old yet Mounting Problem (associated with dread), Being Helpless/Confined/Trapped/Isolated, Loosing psychology health due to isolation, Being Watched/Observed/Controlled by something unknown, Being Alienated, Loosing Touch

    Type 7 - Comedy
    Type 7's usually don't prefer to focus on fears, so if there is any horror they must deal with they're preferred outlet is comedy... keeping it light and fun.

    Horror-Comedy, General Comedy

    Type 4 - Drama/Dark Fantasy/Seduction/Gothic/Melancholy/Existential-Nihilistic
    4's are dramatic and not fear oriented... they are likely to engage into moody/absorptive/dramatic things, usually taking a darker/melancholy mood when they feel something similar to fear. The difference is the focus is on emotion or drama rather than the dread and fear... although 5/4 mixes contain an element of both. Say the phantom of the opera in ways contains elements of the 5 with the gothic nature and mystery, but its 4 since the focus is on drama and dark fantasy/seduction/self-pity.

    Self-Pity, Gothic, Melancholy, Alienation, Being Fundmentally Useless/Ununique/Flawed -- Not Existing, Dark Fantasy, Indulging in Taboo, Loosing sense of self/identity

    Type 3 - Not Measuring Up
    3's fears are not measuring up, when I think of 3's ways of dealing with this fear I think of happy melodramatic movies like liar liar. Where the protagonist is a typical american commercial man, that tries but who has problems/issues that leave them feeling unworthy, eventually with a little luck they overcome their issues. This is very similar to the 7 in that its outlet is optimistic. However 3's in general outside of american culture where the 3 meshes well with the 7, tend to have a more 4/3 sense of horror, narcisstic/gothic ideas, focused around feeling unworthy and being fake in a darker sense.

    Loosing Identity to Image, Becoming Rejected for being useless/worthless, Gothic, Self-Rejecting, No Internal Grounding

    Type 2 - Abadonment Anxiety
    Like the 3, but this one has to do with being all alone, alienation essentially but not in a 3/4/5 way, not in a kafka way. The 2 is basically clingy and fears to be seperated and left alone and rejected. 2's don't make good art surrounding this fear usually as when they fear seperation they become possessive and selfish, for them their medium for dealing with this abadonment anxiety is helping out. Usually 2's are portrayed indirectly in other genres by other types in a sympathetic light in as being the "suffering servant"... matyr like in quality. Usually its to make the audience feel pity and there is really no true horror, very few movies are made which gives insight into the psyche of a 2 fearing abadonment. The closest thing would be some lifetime movies or something where the idea is to encite empathy in the audience for the mother/women who tries to help out but is reject, thus making isolated house wifes feel better about their plight vicariously.

    Matyr, Suffering Servant, Abused but well meaning caretaker, Victim, Self-Pity

    Type 1 - Moral Decline
    Self Explanatory.....

    Social Destablization, Loosing Control -- Giving into Evil/Debauchry, Social Infrastructure becoming broken, Moral Decline

    Type 9 - Gentle Souls
    Usually don't have a normal sense of fear as the 9 is a gentle soul, usually in such a stable low energy state so as to not cultivate fear or nightmares

    Type 8 - Sociopath/Predator/Hunted-Hunter/Master-Slave/Epic/War/Action
    Fear others dominating, hunting, taking control of them. Not a highly intellectualized fear like that seen in the 4-6 spectrum, but when combined with 4-6 can be. Essentially centers around being hunted/stalked and so forth. 8's prefer to deal with this by similar themes of survival as the 6... except action/battle/dominance/heroism takes center stage rather than survival and trust. The wings and tritype add different flavor to this; a 8/7 is likely to go for a more action/comedy fun idea. While an 8/6/5/4 tritype stacking will focus on the issue of survival, trust, and being hunted/watched.

    The fear spectrum spreads from

    8 - Action
    7 - Comedy

    6 \
    5 - Issues of Dread/Fear
    4 /
    Fades between
    3 \
    2 - Social Interaction Issues
    1 /

    9 - Relaxation
    8 - Action

    7/8/9 are three seperate methods of dealing with fear.... Comedy/Action/Relaxation

    6-1 is a fading spectrum

    - Issues of Dread
    Fades from external paranoia (trust, worry from environment) to internal parnaoia (control, existential, psychological) at 6 to 5
    Fades from dread to drama at 5 to 4
    Fades from internal drama to external drama at 4 to 3, and leaves issues of dread

    -Social Fear
    Fades from personal worth to social worth at 3 to 2
    Fades from social worth to moral worth at 2 to 1
    Fades from moral worth to needing peacefulness at 1 to 9

    Then goes from needing peacefulness to having to act
    Then goes from having to act, to enjoying life (acting) and seeing the lighter side of things
    Which goes to dread and the cycle continues again.
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    These are pretty good. I can vouch for loving films like A Beautiful Mind and Fight Club where most of the story is completely subjective. I can also relate to type 7 on this list, as most of the movies I actually like are comedies. I can also think of some great movies from 1 and 8, The Myst and Se7en

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispy View Post
    These are pretty good. I can vouch for loving films like A Beautiful Mind and Fight Club where most of the story is completely subjective. I can also relate to type 7 on this list, as most of the movies I actually like are comedies. I can also think of some great movies from 1 and 8, The Myst and Se7en
    Yea lol those are pretty good... beautiful mind and fight club stand out to me to deal with 5-dilemmas, maybe a little 8 in fight club.

    Beautiful mind to me was like "oh I feel sorry for john nash, then yea he won an award!"... it was a pretty mainstream movie in the way they resolved it on a high note at the end. I liked it and thought it was an original idea. However, I really like the mood when you figure out everything he knew was fake, because the movie presents everything from a different point of view until that twist, and then the music got all dark and he was in the institution. It was a mind fuck.

    Fight Club I liked too, it wasn't so mainstream mainly because it didn't have that happy high note ending... it just kept getting worse lol, and the ending didn't leave me satisfied... I don't know why, it seemed too abrupt like they ran out of space. But the whole time it was like watching a car accident I couldn't take my eyes off of. It also got me thinking alot. It was an original.

    I thought of this because had been watching some trailers on youtube and alot of them were really bad looking horror films, its hard for me to think of a horror film that actually was scary in a lasting way.... bits and peices of them will make hairs stand up, but none of them really take me way out there into highly disturbing terrority and then take you back down for a resolution. I think it would be great if someone had something with that vibe of slow mounting dread, and then investigation, where it takes you out into the woods, you loose your bearings and things get disturbing the further you go into it but you feel required to look deeper to understand, and then it takes you back to reality and it doesn't resovle on a happy melodramatic note it resolves like a survival movie with a feeling of escape/resolution, where it just ends being glad its over and you survived it and of course there has to be some resolution from the investigation. Also the source of the fear has to be concealed as much as possible, it must be felt but not seen, it has to be the mood. I thought the ring did a good job of building slow tension of dread and having a mood of investigation, but its premise was hard-to-take-serious-pop-bullshit, and the idea of a little girl coming out of a TV screen is too supernatural to be terrified of.

    Also horror movies aren't my favourite genre.... but they are interesting. I hate horror movies about slashers/psychopaths, supernatural entities, or cliche pop culture bullshit.

    Randomly speaking, I like this scene from this movie

    M Night always has a very subtle and dark style, thats why he always uses James Newton Howard for a composer.

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    This is interesting. Bumping this one with questions.

    Which enneagram type is likely to be unduly affected by or have a fear of:
    1. Horror films with a supernatural theme - I.e. 2005 TV drama - Supernatural
    2. Horror films the likes of Final Destination

    What about mindfuck films the likes of:

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    Primer is very 5.

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    I know it's not a movie, but I think Mushishi embodies a Nine's substitution of mono no aware and measured horror for anxiety. One episode, which was especially well received on IMDb, involves a parasitic humanoid that sterilises women and aborts their child, and then reproduces as a clone of said child. Aside from the shocking life cycle of the parasite, it eventually develops consciousness and has one of its clones euthanised. Later, when another clone is to be euthanised, it questions the main character if it doesn't have the right to live... ultimately it's an episode with no clear villains and no clear winners, and I think it's horrifying, without being terrifying, by leaving you deeply unsettled and really ambivalent about the characters and events.

    There are other episodes that unsettle the viewer by inflicting tragedy or crises upon relatable and sympathetic characters. I think "empathic horror" could be good for 9s, getting absorbed into the distress of others, or being able to only partway empathise with all the conflicting sides of a situation.

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