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Thread: ISFj under the spell of the ESFp?

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    Default ISFj under the spell of the ESFp?

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    Wait. Did I start this thread? The same thing happened with me this week. I (ILI) hit it off incredibly well with my mirror (LIE) and was trying to understand why I felt so...great. Caring, interesting friends of other types is what I'm used to. We have a social contract/relationship we work out somehow, and they provide a small and vital something, but this mirror interaction--such profound mutual enjoyment, respect, and rhythm! I, too, have this SEE I hope to get back together with (although it's highly unlikely-distance)...and another I'm hoping to make something with in the fall, but it sure stopped me in my tracks for some self-eval, jiving sooo well with this LIE man. you know the telling thing for me, though? The mutual mental and personal attraction and identification and respect were solid and evident, but I remember being very sure that the physical attraction was (although I found him to be a physical hottie) NOT there. It was like what I would like to look like physically in the relationship--measured, graceful, muscular, sensitive, and very thoughtful.The idea of being physical with him? Yeah. Nope.There wasn't the assertive romantic vibe. It was, when we were friend-dancing apparent to me, ENTJ, though he was, that we would both me more wait-y/pause-y in physical interaction, corresponding to the Victim Romantic Style which I renamed the Resistant Romantic Style because it seems more accurate and removes the free will/rape ambiguity of calling -in-the-first-two-positions types "victims," while still addressing their enjoyment of and ability to withstand assertive/aggressive -in-the-first-two-functions types

    I thought the same things about having my mirror and dual mixed in one person. But that's okay because I guess that would equate to a mature dual, one who's had time to develop their .

    Self-eval.Wow. We ILIs do talk a lot when we're interested in a topic, don't we?
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