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    Marie Barone from "Everybody Loves Raymond", What type would you assign this fictional character?

    Excerpt from wikipedia describing the character:

    Marie Janella Barone (Doris Roberts) is Ray's mother, the wife of Frank, and the matriarch of the Barone family. Intrusive and over-nurturing, she is a housewife who excels in cooking, cleaning, and other things dealing with keeping a good home and bringing up a family. Marie claims that everything she does is for the family but she is shown to have narcissistic tendencies both intentional and not, e.g. interrupts Amy and Robert's wedding to ask if Robert really wants to get married, believing it was best for him, when told of the self absorbed nature behind this at the reception she seems genuinely shocked, and instigating a short-lived feud with Amy over thank you letters from the wedding so that she (Marie) would be praised by a person who gave a gift she (Marie) suggested. Marie and Frank live across the street from Ray and Debra in Lynbrook, Long Island, New York. The houses used for the exterior shots of the two Barone households are really across the street from each other but actually are located in North Merrick.

    Except for Frank, everyone in the family has a hard time standing up to Marie because of her guilt-tripping, although Debra sometimes does take a stand, much to the chagrin of Raymond. In addition to being a profound worrier, one of Marie's trademark acts is to be outwardly helpful and sweet, but in the most catty, disparaging way, especially towards her daughter-in-law. When she and Frank were kicked out of a retirement community she was said to single handedly bring down the morale of the entire community and caused everyone to quit a play she was a part of (it was heavily implied that Marie was considered the worst of the pair for this reason). Marie often barges into Debra's house and criticizes Debra's cooking and housekeeping, often re-cleaning after Debra. Frank believes that the reason behind her particular dislike for Debra is that she (Debra) married Ray and Marie "still can't deal with it". When he said that during a counselling session the reaction from the others indicates that there is at least some truth behind the statement. Marie has very high self esteem and believes herself to be the perfect example of what every wife, mother and woman should be and whenever she is criticized even in the slightest, will immediately go on the defensive,(often accusing people of attacking a sick old lady). Ironically, Marie states that Frank's mother was critical, overbearing and intrusive and she sees no parallels to her self when she makes the statement.

    Though Marie smothers Raymond, she is generally neglectful to Robert. Her actions have a traumatizing effect on Ray's psyche, resulting in Raymond both simultaneously fearing his mother's love and seeking refuge in her.

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    Marie Barone = e2w3 (2-9-6)

    Deborah is e6 e1 vibes, definitally e6 dominant

    Raymond is e9 e3 vibes

    Robert is e8/9 e6 vibes

    Frank is just a cynical grumpy old man

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