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    Default As time flies by....

    how long have your dual relationships lasted?
    is meeting a dual later in life much harder to adjust or make it in the long run?
    if you haven't met your dual by a certain age is it better to just try to find your identical?

    i was watching the show 'how i met your mother' and realized that they are promoting identical relationships. is that the way for people to go because they start to become stuck in a rut?

    i was trying to get my LSE friend to open up to some EII's and she will seem to be open to it at first and after a few half baked attempts will give up because she feels like she shouldn't have to do "all the work." Pursing love is like a day-time job..and shes so young! how can she have felt like she's worked "so hard" after doing practically nothing???

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    My cousin and I have been duals for oh 22 years. Yes, and No on meeting a dual later on and adjusting because, on one hand, it's easier to dualize when you're younger and get on the waivelength of your dual and on the other hand younger people are not really ready for serious relationships. On being older, life changes people and people become detached from their own selves and expect too much of individuals and those expectations may or may not reflect the dual that they date, so they will pass them by a lot easier. I wouldn't not date anyone except for my dual; I will have other friends but for me, I value duality far too much to compromise.

    Identical relations are easy but they are not duality; nothing really compared to number one, but why are you asking?

    I don't know what to suggest for your EII friend; she probably wants to jump right into a stable LTR and ignor dating. I'm kind of like that.
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