The shadow (also referred to as "the id") is the "dark side" of the personality. It harbors secret fantasies that are necessary for dealing with difficult truths and emotions. I will be discussing these fantasies in detail.

According to Boukalov, there are four information tracks used in the process of information metabolism. These include the vital and mental tracks described in Model A, and the physical and supramental tracks discussed in Model B. The vital and mental tracks lies on an "outer" function circuit, and the physical and supramental tracks lie on an "inner" circuit. The outer and inner circuits, meanwhile, are united under a "function of consciousness".

The physical track is like the vital track, except it is associated . In Model A, the physical track is spoken of as a dimension of the vital track. The supramental track is like the mental track, in that it is high energy and impersonal, and is considered a part of the mental when discussed in Augusta's model.

Each track of the inner circuit has an associated fantasy. The physical track has a divine fantasy, while the supramental track has a more "atman" quality. The physical track is invoked whenever the suggestive function is hit, as this indicates an attack. It conveys feelings of invincibility and omnipotence, and is apparently associated with adrenaline. While not something you want to boast about in ear shot of others (lest you be thought of as a megalomaniac), the physical track is essential to keep from losing your nerve in a confrontation.

The supramental track is attuned to others' essential natures, their autonomous behavior. It is also attuned to one's own behavior and activity, and how this relates to "collective" activity. Because of this, the supramental track allows one to feel a "spirit" within oneself that unites individual identity with collective identity. It may feel like a "bond of friendship" with people whom have values similar to one's own, even if you've never actually met them face to face. It is a function of common interest and, properly, the function of friendship itself. It can also be used for purposes of understanding indirect concerns, such as the relation of individual actors to collectives, and especially the modeling of such behavior. Most scientific breakthroughs are made with the supramental track. The supramental track is activated whenever the vulnerable function's hesitancy is deemed unacceptable, and involves a shedding of civility as a value to realize the action which is deemed necessary for the vulnerable to perform.