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Thread: MBTI for Instruction and Classroom Management

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    Default MBTI for Instruction and Classroom Management

    I found an interesting book yesterday while perusing the Google Books selection on personality types: Differentiation through personality types: a framework for instruction. It's essentially a resource for K-12 teachers. There is a section in chapter 3 that describes 8 kinds of students.

    It's not often that I come across child descriptions. Assuming these are reasonable descriptions, this is good insight to either re-confirm or assist in identifying type. I'm curious to hear your views on these descriptions, whether they ring true for you.

    There is an interesting section on p28 that compares ADD vs. Intuitive type behaviours.

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    good find...

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    I really liked reading this; being MBTI, I noticed use of the hypnotic 'get to work' school trick that snaps the id onto schoolwork in order to increase productivity and focus creativity, thereby forcing students to actively accept (if extroverts) or at least demonstrate (if introverts) their commitment to their education (it goes to show how MBTI has little application beyond pure academia, where it originated):

    Te - LIE / LSE - accepting
    Ti - ILI / SLI - demonstrative
    Fe - EIE / ESE - accepting
    Fi - IEI / SEI - demonstrative
    Ne - ILE / IEE - accepting
    Ni - LII / EII - demonstrative
    Se - SLE / SEE - accepting
    Si - LSI / ESI - demonstrative

    ultimately all the dichotomies can be quickly rounded up from social activities by their conscious extrovert functions - Se ego types are treated as sensors, Ne ego types as inuiters, Te ego types as thinkers, and Fe ego types as feelers...

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