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    Default Steven Spielberg Movies

    What type/impression do they give you

    I'll specifically cite the film Saving Private Ryan also
    What type/impression does that film give you in terms of jungian functions, types, quadras

    You can also give impressions of other spielberg films and link them to his general style.

    On imdb someone commented on steven spielbergs usage of sentimentality, is sentimentality or ? Or is it something else.... feel free to tie this into steven spielbergs films or saving private ryan or another movie.....

    My personal opinion is that Saving Private Ryan is fueled by alot of and sentimentality correlates to in some manner. is generally human based and alot of that film comes at you from a viewpoint of humanity rather than patriotism. You won't find a single soldier in SPR represented in a kind of "time to do our duty for america!" happy patrioticness that you may have expected out of the 50's or early 60's. Instead the entire film is fueled by a more realistic viewpoint, most of the soldiers are represented as your typical pre-1950's american types, the guy from brooklyn is a loud mouth and doesn't even care about being in the war, the sniper is some southern guy that is cocky and shoots well, the sgt is also probably from the east coast, upham is the literary scholarly type who falsely thinks war is good and cites some quote from a poet, he also believes naively in doing the right thing when they capture the german soldier, hes pretty much an innocent child like observer who has only matured mentally but is completely retarded in everyday experience, he learns that the german guy kills all the people who let him go and he cries and shoots the guy, acting as some kind of observer to convey the message that essentially war sucks and isn't some highly noble enterprise where the good guys heroicly storm in and save the day, and then parade down mainstreet to patriotic march songs. Vin diesels character gets shot for helping take that girl to the next town, once again, war sucks. Pretty much the whole time thats the recurrent theme, from the moment the doors open up in the normandy invasion. However, at the end they kind of do this huge blast of sentimentality showing his family and all the gratitude he has for what his fellow soldiers did for him, it provides this emotional release to all the tension devleoped, and my guess is that is sentimentality. So basically I think the film is coming from some kind of point of view.

    I know alot of people who don't like this film though, I had someone tell me he thinks it glorifies war and didn't like its reverent tone. To me I don't think it glorifies war, after watching the movie the first time (I think I was in middle school), I remember distinctly thinking that in real life it would probably suck to go to war, I didn't at all experience the film as some glorious thing to go to war. But still it had a sort of reverent compassion to it for those that died, that I always liked, but always felt awkward about cause it seemed like a really serious mature pathway of feeling.

    Anyways the seriousness of it, is that implying delta quadra?

    Thats my impression, feel free to pick it apart.

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    what did u use to come up with that, VI, or some deduction based on his work or personality?

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