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    Hello, I am new here. I have been trying to figure out what my socionics type is but I'm not sure. So i'll ask for help with selftyping.
    I have looked at all type descriptions at Wikisocion, and identify with parts of ILE, SLE, LII and LIE descriptions but nothing seems to match entirely.
    I am almost 30 years old. I spend most of my time at work (usually 70-80 hours a week), it's a technical/scientific job. I don't always enjoy the job but I have to push myself to work hard because of competition, or otherwise my career plans will be screwed in a few years.
    Centering life around work is something that comes up in LIE descriptions but I think I'm probably not LIE because I don't get along well with ESIs (or at least I am annoyed by people who are closedminded and pushy).
    I am not sure if I'm introverted or extraverted, I can go entire day without saying a word or I can be very talkative depending on mood and circumstances. Whether I'm talkative or not does not depend on how well I know the people around me: I can sometimes be chatty with strangers and quiet around the people that I know well, and the other way around at other times. Although the quiet state is more frequent, I feel better in the talkative state.
    A lot in ILE and LII descriptions matches who I am (everything that is about liking to analyse things and to make up theories about the world). However, I think my actual life doesn't fit alpha quadra values (Si) because I hardly ever have any time for relaxation. So either: I don't belong to alpha quadra, or I have a mistaken idea about what alpha quadra behaviours are.
    Out of beta quadra types, I think SLE descriptions fit the best but I'm not sure if I can be Se leading as I am often absentminded. I identify with the willpower part of Se descriptions though.
    I don't think I'm any of the delta types.
    Does anyone have an idea about what type I am or suggestions about how I could go about self-typing? I am not going to post pictures or more detailed selfdescriptions because I don't like to post that kind of stuff on the internet.

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    I would say that pushiness bothers me but I don't really care if somebody is close-minded. It just depends on what they are close-minded about.
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    I was thinking that pushiness comes from strong and closed-mindedness comes mostly from PoLR.
    Is that true? If not, maybe I've mistyped people who I thought were ESIs.

    I first stumbled upon socionics a few years ago when on some webpage MBTI types of people were mentioned. I did a Google search to find out what those
    four-letter codes mean and socionics pages also came up in the search.
    Then more recently I got interested in socionics when I moved to another city and therefore have to form new circles of acquaintances. I was thinking that maybe socionics would be useful for knowing ahead with what kind of people I would get along well in the long run and what kind of people to avoid.

    Also the theory itself is interesting as it is some kind of a protoscience like alchemy was before chemistry was invented. So I think the socionics
    theory probably contains quite a lot of bollocks but as long as there is no better theory (that would have actual statistical data to back its claims up),
    it's better than nothing. At least it is trying to map something that would otherwise be left undescribed.

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    Judging by your description I would type you as an ENTj. And calling all ESIs pushy and closeminded isn't quite right. Someone else may call them protective and caring... And that's because people are different and the descriptions lead to prejudice.

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    Ok, I'll self-type as LIE, this seems to make more sense now than other possible typings

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    Quote Originally Posted by enter your email address View Post
    Centering life around work is something that comes up in LIE descriptions but I think I'm probably not LIE because I don't get along well with ESIs (or at least I am annoyed by people who are closedminded and pushy).
    If you conclusion is based on reading an ESI description, then it is not right.

    You should first see how the relationship with that type evolves. Cause everybody dislikes his dual when reading their description, and everybody loves his dual when real life interacting.

    Oh and my first quick impression of you points to LIE.

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