Hi, have you ever have a constant impression of the people that you typed in real life, and wonder what their family member's type were? the people that they have spend time with constantly, which changes their behaviors and thinking style. An example would be one ESE mother I work with. She is 100% ESE. but certain things she does makes it stand out to me that she understand how people work, I can say that she "alters" her behavior to accept and understand Ni people more than her type usually. So I went ahead and ask about her daughter and she described someone that can't be any type but an INFp.

Same goes with another person whose also an ESE, and married to someone she describes that is very much an ESTp. so a lot of her behavior seems to adapt to her mate.

Rather it's their Polr/Hidden agenda/ID function, I think you can tell if a person (who you type) is spending time with another person based on how they develop in their personality.

Can you tell the differences?