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Thread: IEI / ENFP Question

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    Default IEI / ENFP Question


    I've been reading socionics for awhile and I think I've gauged my type as XNFP.

    What are the main differences between these types: ENFP & INFP?

    What do they value?

    What is the role function in the INFP besides taking care of phyiscal appearance?

    How do Te & Ti differ in these types?

    I've read the wikisocion & stratevsky type descriptions of both.

    Finally, what are some useful methods in identifying your type?
    I've heard of focusing on the leading function and the weak function (1 & 4).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azeroffs View Post
    IEI "Imagination is a joy to be had."
    - Subject emotional state to intuitive assumptions. Highly reliant on intuitive 'visions.' Intensity of emotion can only be fully expressed when engaging in idealism.
    Intuition - Constantly focus on their expectations. They are aware that not everything is certain, but they see the unknown as something easily predicted and so it is regarded as superfluous information.
    Feeling - They consciously focus on the emotional state they can produce as a result of their base function, and they subconsciously create a strong emotional connection with the objects of affection.
    Thinking - They are weakly aware of objective facts that can be inferred from the world. They instead rely heavily on their subjective opinions about reality.
    Sensation - The affects of sensation and the use of experience is hard to come to terms with. When someone can help them to focus on the immediate reality they can resume confidence in what goes on around them.

    IEE "The unknown is a thing to be felt."
    - Subject feelings to mysteries of the world. Desire to discover all that is mysterious in the world. Guided by a want to enjoy all that could be in the world.
    Intuition - Constantly sees a world which is full of unknown potential and has a strong sense of wanting to discover these potentials. Expectation of the unknown is regarded as irrelevant since they want to discover or experience them instead of imagining what might be.
    Feeling - They focus consciously on their personal connections toward their perceptions. Subconsciously they become highly energetic and emotionally expressive toward objects of interest.
    Thinking - Their focus on feeling makes it difficult to break down their personal thoughts. They instead rely on objective facts to explain reality intelligently.
    Sensation - Their constant focus on what could be in the world makes it very difficult to take reality for what it is. When someone can invoke sensations within them, they are relieved of their sensual desires without having to let go of their natural focus.

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