Actually the SF/ST dichotomy really doesn't look properly represented, so the system is probably more Keirseyan, or some other arbitrary 4-way type slicing method.

Teens & twenties cryonicist event 2010

The next “getting to know you” exercise involved the participants classifying themselves by personality type as represented by the four colors green, blue, gold, and red:

Green — Conceptual, Curious, Wise, Versatile (intellectual, head rules heart)

Blue — Warm, Communicative, Compassionate, Feeling (seeks harmonious relationships)

Gold — Responsible, Dependable, Helpful, Sensible (dutiful, family-oriented, organization-oriented)

Red — Adventuresome, Skillful, Competitive, Spontaneous (seeks variety and physical involvement)
Unsurprisingly, the Greens (which I take to be NT, though some NF types like ENFP may be included) were the most overrepresented. The organizer (Cairn Idun) expressed optimism for the group at the fact that there is more variety than previously seen.