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Thread: Might be ESI?

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    Default Might be ESI?

    ..I'm feeling an identity crisis somewhat. I can't pinpoint my personality type and it bothers me.
    I've previously thought of myself as being IEI, but I find that other IEIs annoy the crap out of me. They're too idealist, too immature, and naive. Yes, there is a feeling of understanding, but more annoyance than anything.

    When I'm extremely stressed, I become emotionally paralyzed..I become overobessive about a small portion of life ( i'm feeling) and shut down. or i go in excess and try to pull myself out of it, by being extremely impulsive and reckless.

    I wish I was more of an extravert..I try to be, but I know I value alone time too much, to sort through my head, do chores.

    I'm very critical of other people, especially when I'm stressed. But I love people all the same, see how they can better themsevles. I love being spontanous, and I try to fake it more than I am, but too much routine annoys me. I like to come off as intelligent and fun when I first meet someone and I'm definitly a smartass, but also very sensitive. Dunno, I'm either an IEI or an ESI.

    for men: I love outgoing, logical, straight-forward, witty, asses. I love when a man understands my emotional outbursts and doesn't judge me intensely. I'm stubborn, extremely so, and have a need to always try to be myself and better myself. I love science. I was definitly 90% IEI growing the T. now that I've been dating an ENTj...i've become more ESI..and I increasingly like the more responsible and charming aspects of my personality growth. The ENTj loves me, but I annoy him with my emotional outbursts and when I'm stressed I'm illogical.
    Maybe it's wishful thinking that I'm an ESI...I want to be. I wish I was balanced inbetween both, I love the emotional honesty and openness of IEIs but I love the stability and logical side of the ESI.

    um...what do you think?

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    relationships can change you. i know i felt less like an INTp when i was in a relationship with an ISFj. Less like a type altogether, really.

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