Does this 6w5 enneagram description resonate well at all?

Sixes with a 5 wing are generally introverted and somewhat intellectual. When healthy, they often have many realms of
interest as well as surprising competencies and skills. May have an original and idiosyncratic point of view. Can be
bookish; some are interested in history or feel rooted in the past or related to a long tradition. Also good at
predicting the future. May test potential friends for a long time but once you're in, you're in - a friend for life.
When more entranced, they may project a willed remoteness. Have a "tip of the iceberg" quality - they show little but
you sense hidden dimensions, intensity and activity. Tension between needing to be seen and withdrawing for protection.
Might act arrogant or cryptic or cynical when afraid. When phobic, can be diplomatic and say things without saying
them. Entranced counterphobics are either cool and loners or argumentative, tending towards violence. Can brood over
injustices to them, entertain conspiracy theories, spend time alone building cases. Paranoia in private. May like
secretive behind-the-scenes group activity. Sneaky vengeance, passive/aggressive toward others, self-attacking and
self-destructive at home.

If not, what type does it most sound like?