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Thread: Facts, Numbers, and Te

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    Default Facts, Numbers, and Te

    Just had a thought. There is a perception out there that Te is all about facts and numbers and empirical data. That's not strictly accurate, but there is something to it; Te types do often seem fond of facts and numbers and empirical data. So what's the relation?

    Te is the external dynamics of objects. In other words, it's the changing external states of things. Facts, numbers, and empirical data, therefore, are a way of keeping track of these changing external states. I think this is also why Gamma Te types seem more interested in facts and numbers than Delta Te types -- keeping track of external changes in a long-term, abstract Ni context requires more numbers and calculations than does keeping track of external changes in an immediate, perceptible Si context. It takes more math to run a bank than it does to build a boat, to use some stereotypical examples.

    Anyway, not really a big deal, but I hadn't thought of it that way before, so I thought I'd share with the class.
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    Interesting. Would you say that Deltas perhaps might be more interested in idle number crunching? I'm often fascinated by collecting information on the numbers that run behind WoW, and to that extent, my favourite addon at the moment is Recount, which inundates me with more useless information than you can shake a stick at, including such wonders as breakdowns of my damage presented in pretty pie charts, real-time raid/personal damage output per second graphs, and ordered lists of how people measure up to one another in a glut of things like overall damage, DPS, damage taken, etc.

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    Well, Te-ers are oriented toward validating their conclusions based on evolving, objective processes in A -> B causality. Therefore, if during discussion, a Te valuer is citing emperical data to justify their viewpoint, it's because the Te-er sees such data as pointing toward some objective occurence in reality and is attempting to relay this to an interlocutor by presenting different sources of "evidence" that are independently demonstratable.

    Te as a mere collection of facts, numbers, etc., sounds more Te from a non Te valuing perspective, as I've seen mostly Alphas and Betas describe it in that manner on the forum.

    Pervading and far reaching probably work better as descriptors for Ni than long-term.
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