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Thread: Introverted and Extroverted IM processing

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    Default Introverted and Extroverted IM processing

    I kind of feel like this is a certain caliber of the benchmark Introverted element and benchmark Extroverted element's information processing mentality (a bit drawn out in difficulty). Because people have both types of IMs in their ego, these examples will seem kind of extreme, redundant. I'm not even all that sure of what I'm writing here, but I figured I'd just get it out there for people to gander at...

    Introverted - Skeptical

    Introverted elements don't accept a lot of ideas or information. They're more personalized, and they filter out excess information more, due to the fact that each idea takes a lot of depth to understand, or to get just right. It's the idea that one forms the generalization in their mind, and a piece of information only sparks the thought. So the process might look kind of like this:

    (red and green marks the truth, which is debatable)

    that's obviously just wrong - right
    that's not it - wrong
    i'm certain its not this - right
    i can see this working - wrong
    could very well be it then, - wrong
    because i doubt its the other thing - right
    maybe i'm wrong - right
    maybe it really is that - wrong
    it wasn't the second thing i thought of -wrong
    it certainly wasn't the third thing - right
    then maybe it was that second thing - right

    skill taught: being more open, taking some initiative on thoughts, and gaining a clearer perception

    Extroverted - Experiential

    Extroverted elements accept things due to the thought that they can be tested out and reformed, and gaining sufficient information will help one to understand what works. It's the idea that all the information together forms the generalization, and one has to weigh the information out to grasp the thought. So the process might look kind of like this:

    (red and green marks the truth, which is debatable)

    this is it - wrong
    ok thats not it
    then this is it - wrong
    no not even
    this could still be it, just need to try again - wrong
    no, still doesn't work
    how about this? - wrong
    wow, won't go through that again
    i have a hunch this is it - wrong
    yep, i'm almost certain - wrong
    oh wait, that just doesn't work - right
    eh, what could it be? i've tried everything
    well, i haven't tried this - right

    skill taught: thinking through things, being a little more patient, and learning from one's mistakes

    Although, these are benchmarks. We're a bit of both, right. Because we have both introverted and extroverted functions in our ego.
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