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Thread: What type would this person most likely be?

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    Default What type would this person most likely be?

    People and tasks? I interact with everyone, I do not discriminate. Erm, what people usually think about me: know it all, stubborn, arrogant, funny, quirky, sarcastic, smiley, snobbish, aloof, unapproachable, etc. Tasks? I always write down everything in my agenda and then when I get home I add it to my calendar and set the alarm two hours early so that I'm not late. I hate people who are late. I typically do one thing at a time... Again. I set personal goals and deadlines so that I can complete personal projects. I feel lost if I do not have a deadline, it's too unknown and open.

    Interests and hobbies... I play the ukulele and research different genres for fun... I research different religions for the ~thrill. I actually spend the majority of my time researching and reading... Which may sound boring for most people. I like facts and do not care for theories or for other points of view, kind of stubborn, but oh well. If something isn't factual I dismiss it.

    Priorities... I have goals that I must accomplish. I write step-by-step guidelines for myself for fun or when I'm bored. I already planned my schedule for school for the next two years. I have a clear idea of how I want things to be and I refuse to allow things to get in the way of my plan. I have a plan and I will accomplish it I see things in black and white; something is either wrong or right and it's very hard to get me to change my mind on something, even if I'm wrong. I also hate change...

    In a group... I'm focused on the conversation. What is being said and whether or not it's interesting. I have a hard time reading people's emotions and emotional people make me feel uncomfortable. I do not respond well to emotional arguments, etc. My brother once joked that I'm a robot and that I have "no emotions". But I do, I have two feelings... Happy and angry. I suck at conversing. I can never get my point across because I do not know how to turn it into... yea, like that. I'm bad at describing my thoughts and I'm even worse when it comes to ~talking about my feelings.

    Typical group behavior... I don't know. I don't pay attention to these things. I'm just there! I prefer small quiet groups with one or two people... We tend to talk about nonsense.
    I was thinking ESTj?
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    Maybe...but ESTjs I know don't have any problem with conversing. And personally, people yelling that we're going to be late is worse than being late.

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