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Thread: Mariano Rivera

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    Cool Mariano Rivera

    One of the best closing pitchers ever. He deals with pressure very well...

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    Maybe EII. A lot of what's written on his wiki sounds like it

    Rivera worked 12-hour days on a commercial shrimping boat on which his father was captain. Rivera did not consider taking up the profession as an adult, though, calling the job "way too tough"

    "He's the best I've ever been around. Not only the ability to pitch and perform under pressure, but the calm he puts over the clubhouse."

    Rivera is well-known for his composure and calm, placid demeanor, which contrasts with the rough-edged, emotional, and demonstrative nature of many other closers

    "I look up to how he's handled himself on and off the field... You never see him show up anyone and he respects the game. I've always looked up to him and it's always a compliment to be just mentioned in the same sentence as him."

    Rivera is known for his consistency

    Rivera found his failure in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series easier to deal with when he learned of the consequences it had on a teammate. Had the Yankees won Game 7 and the World Series, Enrique Wilson would have flown home to the Dominican Republic and been aboard the deadly American Airlines Flight 587. "I am glad we lost the World Series," Rivera told Wilson, "because it means that I still have a friend."
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