I know him online only.

1. He seems fairly intellectual, has a broad knowledge, a general curiousity about the world and from what I know, an above average to high IQ.
2. He is quick to ingratiate himself to new females on the forum. However if they at any point disagree or challenge him at all, he will quickly distance himself and start to undermine them, usually by questioning their 'character'. He seems threatened in these situations.
3. If he is challenged he will ally himself with another, usually a male although I have seen posts from the forum before I was a member where this individual was a female. His ally's tend to be weak position (maybe new and in a vulnerable place at the time), they are often looking for a friend. Together they will attack those that question them. This is usually done by making snide comments in tandem, questioning the individuals 'character' and understanding of the forums subject (chicken farming...and no it's not General Chicken Chat - Poultry Forum - Practical Poultry Advice & Poultry Chat - Poultry Keeping - Any Country Smallholder Questions - Chickens Hens Bantams Eggs Hatching so don't even bother looking there.)
4. He has resorted to asking for those that he sees as a threat to be banned from the forum. And he has also used the insult and ignore tactic. (insult you via pm and then switch to ignore, rather than allow you to explain yourself)
5. He has been banned at least twice from the chicken forum and I think he has also been banned from a cattle insemination forum as well (not sure which one). From my understanding he has not take any responsibility for this, nor does he have any understanding of this. He has expressed that the rules are stupid or too rigid and that his bannings are unfair or the result of double standards. He acts like a victim in these cases.
6. I have seen him express racist and homophobic sentiments, seemingly without irony.
7. He has expressed on occasions that he perceives himself to be the saviour of the chicken forum and that only he understands chicken rearing correctly.
8. He generally tries to create a positive atmosphere and I think he genuinely wants to be liked and to get on with people. I don't think he's malevolent, he just seems quite cowardly with his behavior sometimes and it can seem cruel and even bullying. I doubt this is his intention, but this is how it comes across to many in the chicken community.

Anyway if anyone can help me type this guy from the info provided it will really make my day (I will get some serious kicks from it). I'm aware it seems quite critical of him (I know I've got plenty of my own stuff going on), but I thought it best to give an honest portrayal of my perceptions.