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Thread: Type Me Based On My Blog Posts

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    Default Type Me Based On My Blog Posts..

    Okay.. 1, 2, 3.

    BLOG POST #1
    Have you ever listened to an intelligent friend rave about some person on TV or the radio and think, "Hmmm... I should listen to this person." Then, you do so and think, "WTF. So much passion and hatred of the opposition but yet so little truth."
    That was my Rush Limbaugh experience.
    Did you ever have a "Rush Limbaugh" experience? (Doesn't have to specifically be Rush)
    If so, feel free to post it on this journal.

    BLOG POST #2
    Novel Writing
    "This fall break- I'm going to start on a novel.
    It's gonna be an awesome novel.
    I'm not sure where I want to take the story exactly..
    I know my character though.

    His name is Richard Lennox.
    He's a young man- he's funny, smart, kind, hyperanalytical, compassionate, but regularly suffers from feelings of anxiety/fear.
    Slowly, he becomes more dependent on alcohol- from his days in high school of trying to fit in with his peers to his days in college of trying to get something out of the social environment in college.

    I know what sort of story I want to write.. I just have to find a way to make it interesting..
    That's what I'm going to spend fall break doing.

    I have some stuff from his experience in high school and his experience in college.
    I haven't decided if I want to make it primarily in college with high-school flashbacks or have him start in high school and go on to college.

    Also.. I'm trying to think about what college I want him to attend.
    I'm thinking to stick with Duke. It's tempting to change the name of the college but I want this story to be somewhat realistic.
    My gut tells me to keep it as Duke and work around it. As a result, there will be a couple of cases where some of you go... "Ah ha, this character is supposed to be based on me."
    To be fair, most of the characters I have are more so mixtures of various people I know than any person in particular... so if you see someone who is like you and then see something later on- that's like- that's not me! Don't think that's because that's what I think about you.. you vain person.. it's probably because I didn't base the character entirely on you and possibly didn't base it on you at all.

    I already created an imaginary high school on Long Island- Riverside. It's a mixture of three different school districts. I got the name from Oceanside. It's in the same location as Bellmore but Riverside is pretty much Syosset transplanted onto the South Shore. I tried to write the town of Riverside like a South Shore town but at the end of the day, it just sounds a lot like Syosset.. so a part of me is thinking that I should stick to what I know. I wanted to give some of the characters rich waterfront properties to show the economic inequities of the town and have a couple scenes in Jones Beach but I guess I can work around all of that, since Riverside feels like a place where I actually came from. Syosset is also a good example of middle class vs. upper-middle-class vs. upper class. "

    BLOG POST #3
    "Why Kanye West Did What He Did"
    So everybody has been talking about Kanye West's outburst at the VMA.
    How could he have done such a thing which is perceived as stupid when Kanye is a self-proclaimed genius.
    Geniuses just don't do that... "Taylor, I'm really happy for you and imma gonna let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time."

    What motivated Kanye to do this?
    I have a theory.

    Kanye is a rocket scientist.
    He was designing a super rocket.
    It would be the most powerful rocket ever.
    He was proud of his creation but for some reason, the rocket engines just wouldn't work.
    Kanye spent hours trying to ascertain what the problem was.
    He realized the rocket engine was voice-activated and had to be activated from a very specific set of coordinates at a specific time.
    Kanye did his research and analyzed the pitches and tones needed to activate the rocket.
    Kanye ascertained the correct answer.
    He realized he had to say, "Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you and imma gonna let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. Of all time!"
    "That seemed kind of weird", thought Kanye, "hopefully, he could say that in a private and secluded area."
    So Kanye wrote equation after equation trying to figure out the time and place.
    Kanye was horrified when he realized exactly what he had to do to get his rocket to work.
    Kanye had to say this on the stage of where the VMA's would take place.
    He crossed his fingers with hope that he wouldn't have to say it during the VMA's...
    Unfortunately... he had to... Kanye was in a state of total anxiety.
    Should he just forget about launching his rocket or should he risk being a douchebag to Taylor Swift?

    Kanye spent another week trying to see if there was another way around it.
    There wasn't.
    Since Kanye is the smartest human being in the world, he realized that meant there was no other way.

    He transported the rocket to Los Alamos, New Mexico and went to the VMA's.
    Kanye was humiliated by his faux pas and douchebaggery but he could smile to himself when he saw that his rocket was on its way to Neptune.
    There you go.. that's how a brilliant musician such as Kanye West could have said what he said.

    Lol- jk- he's dope.

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    I think that that last story was hilarious!! Thank you for the laugh.

    I'm not much into typing, but to justify this response in your typing thread I will say that I think a P type, quite likely a Pe type, and quite possibly an NeXi type. (Though if someone tossed in a Pi type then I might be able to see a PiJe type.)

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    entp still ;p

    Hello my Illusionary! May we be lazy together by covering up our weak points but do NOTHING to enhance our strengths.
    n0ki: If it weren't for faggy civilization, people like me and bnd would be totally dead by now.

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    I think I must be an ILE!

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