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Thread: Benefits of DS Function in Groups

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    Default Benefits of DS Function in Groups

    So, I was hanging out with one of my close friends today, who's ILI, and it occurred to me that almost always when we hang out, it's the two of us and at least one Se-ego: my SEE brother, my LSI friend, my SLE friend, etc. We have similar reactions to standard Se statements, behaviors, whatever, and we often share the "wow, what [Se-ego] just said was stupid in most wonderful way" look. Anyway, today we were hanging out with my SLE friend and a friend whose type I don't know, until they had to leave and it was just us two hanging out. And it was lots of fun, but I noticed that as soon as they left, we both became really inertial: there was lots of "I dunno, what do you want to do," type stuff. Conversation kinda slowed down too. It was just as interesting, but didn't feel as exciting. We'd take turns telling funny stories and reacting to the other's funny stories, but it lacked energy, and would sorta languish in between.

    That got me thinking about what people who provide the dual-seeking or hidden agenda function do for a larger group as opposed to just one-on-one. I was wondering if anybody else had examples or thoughts about the difference in interaction of a group when there's somebody in the group who has your super-ego functions in their ego versus when you're hanging out in a group of people you like (possibly mirror/identity/kindred, but not necessarily), but who don't supply the Dual-seeking or HA function. Thoughts?
    Not a rule, just a trend.

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    As for DS being supplied for a group: There will be decreased relevance for each member of the group, but an increased number of people who benefit, so I'd apply the formulas:
    Benefit to each member of group: (usage rate)/(square root of # of people present)
    Total benefit to group: (square root of # of people present)*(usage rate)

    Just estimates, of course... but it expresses the idea that each person benefits less, but the world as a whole benefits more. (However, this ignores that each member of the crowd is able to contribute less because there is more supply than demand for their base function.)

    The economic functions of supply and demand might apply quite closely here.


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