OK this is really question more than a statement. Actually it's more of hair brained thought that occured to me and I was wondering if

a) it had any grounding

b) if anyone could either expand or correct any of my suppositions.

From my understanding, socionics states that we are affected by the types of those people around us (?)

e.g. an Ne ego type in the company of one or more Si types may become naturally more comfortable and competent using Si

I'm not sure whether how people use VI or whether they believe it to be a reliable typing method. Personally, I'm a relative novice, however I can sometimes pick up the odd valuing function etc.

I try to do this mainly by the look in someones eyes, maybe facial expression and to a very, very limited extent the general head shape.

Now to my point, I'm speculating (and this is based solely on limited experience and a general hunch) that an N in a heavily S environment will start to appear more S and vice versa.

I'm wondering if anyone either has observations or theories that would either deny, confirm or expand on this? Or even better if this is something that is or is not already a part of recognised socionics

I do have my own theory, however I'd like to see if this starting point has any grounding before elaborating.

Any input would be much appreciated and apologies for any ignorance on my part. thanks.