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Thread: Crazedrats Reserved Economics Verbal Trash Dump

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    Default Crazedrats Reserved Economics Verbal Trash Dump

    That's right kids, I'm having to learn economics. But my astrology chart has advised me that I only care about learning insofar as it gets me sex. And looking into myself, this is basically true. Since this forum is the closest thing I can think of to a psychosexual experience I have in my life right now, I am going to do the unthinkable. I am going to merge my learning of economics with this board, via regular posts summarizing.. in socionics terms, what I have learned about economics. You can follow along if you want. If I learn something, it is likely you will also learn something.
    I will start working on this thread tomorrow as I actually read the books I've got. This thread is basically a trash dump for whatever I want to say on economics. But feel free to give disagreements and or insights if you feel the need, it will instigate discussion and force me to further learn the material as I think of ways to belittle you.
    The purpose of this board may also be reimagined if my astrology chart advises me it is a good idea to do so.
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    My astrology chart told me something like this would happen.

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