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    He says sth like this:

    Oh, yes, I like "Lord of the Rings". I hate phantasy and sci-fi. People show up and tell me "do you like this dragon?" and I say "this is a fuckin' shit! I love horror, not goddam speaking dragons or shit like this. However, I like "Bradbury", "Harlan Ellison", "Star Jones" somehow, but I don't like motherfuckers elves or dragons and people believe I like them.

    They say me "watch the pic of a mutilated boy, you are gonna love it", and I answer, "I like horror, not this"

    Speaking on "Lord of the Rings", I read the "Hobbit" when I was a kid. It was really difficult! Since I learnt English when I was a kid, I read it in English. Shit! I suffered as a pig. When I finished it I saw there was a trilogy and I just said "No!" Anyhow I liked the movies. In the "mines of Moria", this is the closest moment in Cinema's history where you can see a "lovecraftian" issue, a "Lovecraftian" moment. There is a creature in a lake, you know, I felt happy.
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