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    I know of someone who took a personality test at a job interview. I'm wondering if you can take a stab at typing them from the following information that the test produced:

    1. Honest
    2. Loyal
    3. Get's on well with people
    4. Although gets on well with people, holds something back in communication and isn't fully open about themselves.
    5. Doesn't like being told what to do, which may interfere with the command structure at work

    There's not that much to go on, but it's the only information i've been supplied about the person so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mimosa Pudica View Post
    Imo, this is all too open for interpretation, and thus it could be any type.
    It certainly could been a description of me
    Yes I agree. However it is an actual representation of how the person is rather than what they'd like to be. Apparently they were suprised by it's accuracy.

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