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    Default A business relationship

    When I first met her, she was polite but emotionally distant, and even seemed slightly annoyed. She was willing to work with me and provide data, but insisted that she "didn't know how to do websites" and was leery of trying to work with the system I had set up. She seemed subduedly annoyed that she'd been given the job of working with us, perhaps because she felt that this wasn't her area of expertise.

    She is pretty no-nonsense and straightforward, with sometimes only veneer of courtesy when she's addressing a problem; but, neither is she sharp or unkind. When communicating, she uses lot of facts. When she reasons for something, it's "because so-and-so has happened" or "such-and-such is the case" and "this-and-that is happening" and "so-and-so has done this". She is not overly talkative, as far as I can tell. She is content to work in relative silence, with no extraneous chit-chat. From the (very) little that I know, she seems to have a good relationship with her parents/family, as well as with her husband.

    It's taken a few weeks, but now she actually will smile with me, and even laugh a little. Whereas to begin with she was very business-like and serious. All smiles were of the polite kind. Now, after having worked with me some, she seems more open. It seems to take her a little bit of time to warm up to people and even new systems of doing things. We still do not discuss personal things much at all, which is fine with me, but I feel lines of communication and trust are much stronger and she now is accepting me as a decently likable person, too - as opposed to just someone that she's been forced to work with.

    She also now seems much more comfortable working with the system I've set up, much more confident now that she's had some experience with it, even willing to try a couple of new things. Somehow I've managed to make this a non-threatening or -frustrating experience for her. Now she sees some use in it and that the usefulness can be reached; the process is not all that difficult and can even be somewhat enjoyable. Really, she is smart and capable enough to handle a lot more than what she has in terms of working with computers, but it's like until now she hasn't been aware that she can. Maybe she just had a bunch of bad experiences before, I don't know.

    Anyway, because of the work she's been doing with us, she has apparently dug out her own old computer and got it up and running. She commented to me the other day, "You know, there's a lot of really cool stuff that you can do," implying that she hadn't known about it before. She agreed with me that once you know about it, a lot of it can be pretty easy to do, too. I think once she decides that something is worth doing, she gets it done and can do it efficiently and thoroughly.

    My business partner, who I suspect is Delta NF, perhaps ENFp or Ne-INFj, has observed that she seems to get along and communicate better with me than with him. According to him, she seems to "like my style better than his". Not that she doesn't get along with him, there just seems to be a easer flow and a better connection.

    This may or may not have any bearing, but she dresses sharply and stylishly, though not extravagantly, and is in good shape.

    So far I'm thinking perhaps a Gamma/Delta logical. IxFj seems a possibility, too, though I'm tending away from INFj. She's not, hm, as "soft" or "flowy" as I tend to think of NFs.

    I'm posting this 1) for ideas as to her type, of course, but also 2) for perhaps ideas on what to look for or questions to ask. I don't often actually spend time trying to type someone or narrow things down past a general quadra/club/temperment feel for people, and even when I do it's usually in non-work-related relations. So, ideas and insight are my goal here atm. Whatcha think? What are some things I should look for? What are some questions that I should find answers to?

    Sorry, no pictures atm.
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    Reminds me of an ESI I know.
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