Jenniverse, home of the works of Jennifer Diane Reitz, creatrix of Unicorn Jelly, Otakuworld, and the games of Accursed Toys

From reading Unicorn Jelly, I think she's LII. Her "voice", the character Chou, definitely has accentuated Ti, and there seems to be a mutual caregiving dynamic between her and the token ESE, Lupiko (well-meaning, excitable airhead). On top of that, she seems to have a very idealistic bent, and uses her comics to drop anvils relentlessly on you, the reader.

Takes a sci-fi angle, and revels in the "Oooh, aaaaah, wooooow" side of things, too, while paying a scary amount of attention to laws of physics and the like (this side gets a fair run in Pastel Defender Heliotrope fairly on when some of the characters go exploring the multiverse, but you can see it manifested in how carefully she planned out the universe of Unicorn Jelly, even making a page discussing all the laws of physics in that particular universe. Very cool!) Spoiler warning: Unicorn Jelly takes place in a gigantic sierpinski gasket. You'll see it in the sky in the very first page

I think she's interesting, at least, because of the emphasis on not only her various ideals, but throwing them out into the world as well. Sort of like a BnD, only more Alpha. It seems at least that her breed of LII (if I have her type right) isn't so common.