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Thread: Theorizing and reading into things

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    Default Theorizing and reading into things

    Some people seem almost unable to take situations, statements, questions, anything, at face value, and instead theorize constantly, coming up with sometimes bizarre scenarios. I'm not sure I can describe what I mean very well so I'll just use a recent example.

    Person A has been subletting her apartment for about a year and now needs it back but has been having trouble getting in touch with the people she is subletting to (a couple, C and D, where D is as I understand it a foreign exchange student). Then a few days ago she sent a text-message instead of using email as she had been doing and they replied within a couple of days asking how soon she could move in.

    Person B told me about this and suggested that C and D had most likely broken up and D was moving back home and this was why they wanted to move out as soon as possible.

    To me, the natural reaction (if any) would be to think that it's good they can move out soon so she can have her apartment back, and if I was going to theorize about why they wanted to know when she could move in I would guess that they wanted to know how soon they had to move out. Anything beyond that is just wild speculation and seems pretty pointless (and a lot of the time people who do this seem not to care much if what they're saying is reasonable or not.)

    Person B also has a habit of not answering questions but instead speculating about the motivations for asking and replying to *that* (right or wrong). It can take several minutes to get a real answer to very simple questions.

    So, is this/could this be type related?

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    I've seen this type of behavior exhibited by 3 ISFjs and 1 INFj. Annoying.

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