Your own quadra: Energy is subtly uplifting, (its OMG WOW AWESOME! sometimes, but this is not realistic to keep up all the time) to just 'boring' and pleasantly stable. Just kinda 'all right with the world' vibe at all times. Able to conquer the physical external environment because psychological clashing is at such a minimal. Understanding is fluid, natural and just there. Level of neuroticism is low, and social survival goes up. That's why I say if you want to conquer nations, it's better to have an army with only your own quadra.

Your conflicting quadra: Energy is either too drained/tired or too idealistic and gets your hopes up only to be ultimately disappointed in one another. Kind of a nagging 'Oh just go away already' in your body. Although to maintain a good fake social standing with people in your opposing quadra, you will frequently say and do the right things. A lot of confusion and fights happen, and everybody starts to not pay attention to their immediate surroundings and physical environment. People feel a mixture of negative emotions that they can't explain. They might try to simplify this with thoughts such as 'It's okay, everybody doesn't have to get along.' They might not even be able to logically put into words what it is about these people they don't like, but they just know that they won't be able to go through with it. External production and 'Real Life' work suffers.

Also, people in your conflicting quadra get your hopes up but don't ever really prove their love. There are times, like these brief pushes of strength where it feels like everything is coming together and all can be forgiven. But it turns out to be a lie. Psychological war games, dementia/paranoid delusions is common.

In-between quadras: These quadras, since they are based on asymmetric relationships can be a different experience for different people (depending on what end you are in the relationship), so they are like just a bizarre mixture of the two descriptions. The supervisor generally feels okay with the supervisee, the supervisee can't stand the supervisor. It seems like other factors make these relationships work or not. For example, a supervisor supervising his supervisee- if the supervisee has a few other members in his quadra and the supervisor doesn't, that can balance the asymmetric energy, I believe. So really it just depends a lot on the external environment. Whereas before, the psychic energy influenced how we reacted to our external environment, these relations- are more like, the external environment changes how we react to them internally.