There once was a time when I realized that the truth can be capitualted by oneself in a straight forward manner. Unfortunately that time has ended and gave rise to a new generation of workers that stream their defenses upon the foresight of truth. One could not perceive this without the knowledge that their life is a waste, that giving into their desires leads to self-depricated bullshit. The key to not fall downhill in a turbine of massacring starfish would be to resist all temptations bestowed on what you thought was a venture. It really is a disease/torture suit masked with silk.

This results in the realization that the key to peace is to eliminate desire and your wishes of tranquility will be granted. However, when that desire is reached within the contradiction of truth, it will result in a pain so great that it will only be realized in the last moments of your life. The far eyed shadow always stalks a man with its belt un tied, that is why we have failed as human beings, since we lack the understanding to analyze the existence of truth vs. deception. Maybe, I wouldn't be so useless as a human being if the truth wasn't hidden under a heap of composting garbage.

Quote by some random quotemaster3453:

"To know is to gain understanding of beliefs, but to finally know that the belief of that is non-understandable then you will get a sharp pain in the head"

If only I knew this, then maybe I would of hijacked myself into space cavern ages ago. This thread is just about as useful as socionics, MBTI, or any other typing system created by man. You cannot type a liquid enclosed sack of chiseled meat. FUCK OFF already, yes that's right, I'm telling myself to FUCK OFF! No not the green pill!!!!

*Simulatenously Ignored/Disregarded/Dumb-struck universally in the cage.* Might as well be ranting about religion on the street. If spewing stupidity is intelligence, then call me a genius.