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Thread: Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams

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    Default Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams

    Does anyone have any opinions as to their types?

    Mandy Moore - some sort of "soft" ethical type (Alpha or Delta)?

    Ryan Adams - some sort of crazy/hilarious/awesome

    Ryan Adams' blog:

    p.s. i got married to happiness and music.
    it was low key affair.
    music wore a chord-aroy dress
    happiness just smiled.
    I just had a panic attack which is so stupid. really. 33 years old and I still have f’n panic attacks. i feel okay now. i think i just needed to crap and also i was really hungry at the same time, which is gross, i know, but you know, that shit happens. woah. why would anyone say this on a blog/
    i like this valerian root tea i got at whole foods. it is very chill. like drugs but minus the whole feeling of being on or near drugs, so in fact, nothing like drugs…..
    An ONLINE MUSIC publication described my blog as “bi-polar”. Isn’t that sweet.
    I love that. I think it was especially due to my use of “Fickle-Blogging” which is really the lovely process of creating a blog, giving it an actual life-span (I actually time them sometimes, by the minute), then destroying that blog. So that it is actually like a memory or like weather. I enjoy the idea of the blog being an actual entity outside it’s creator. Like a Robot. Like I was just a suggestion and the blog itself were the vessel. Very abstract, sure, hardly “bi-ploar.”
    Of note, when I am being honest in my blogs (which only I know because I choose to fill them with truths distracted by absurdity) I touch on real subjects that affect me which I have never hidden in my work. Depression being one of those things. Panic disorder being another.
    I think maybe I came from a time, and maybe even a place, where examining and even allowing one’s self to feel everything, was normal. What a lesson it is for me now that I am older to become less afraid to let myself have those feelings. All of them. I am quite sure passionate people do this. They feel elated, and other times they feel sad. I know, in a single day, those things happen to others. Certainly my books can’t all be just fictional characters based on actual people who did not feel. To feel things, is human. To let yourself go into those feelings and translate what happened, and what it meant, well, that takes discipline.
    And you know, I don’t have an “off” switch. I never did. I had to pay for alcohol and fog up at least one night of a week in my past so I could feel like I was starting all over. But now, it is one long life. No breaks. And that comes with a lot of new feelings which build and become beautiful, and even, sometimes very sad or strange statues of time and emotion. I am blown away by just how much information I collect over time. It is great. And powerful and I love life, even the bleakest and darkest nights. They all break, eventually, with the light of a new day, or sometimes, hidden behind those awful moments the loveliest treasures emerge. Like a gift.
    I enjoy writing about it all. It feels very true.
    It is a shame that so many people try so hard to be something they are not, to seem even, at the expense of not getting to know what it is to be free in your feelings. And I am lucky to be able to express myself in so many ways. I taught myself all the forms of art I know, so I go to them honestly and my relationship with my medium is always solid and not filled with hesitation. This makes me so happy and has all my life allowed me to be my own best friend when I needed it the most. When the world was just too disappointing. And especially when I was the one behind that disappointment.
    So I guess what I am saying here right now is, it feels good to be true to what I am. It feels right to be a lot and sometimes a mess and sometimes a good listener and sometimes bat-shit crazy.
    It is the nature of being me.
    And also, after all this time, no matter what the perception, I always know I am the very basic thing I always wanted to be;
    have a nice week.

    Anybody Want to Take Me Home? Lyrics

    So I am in the twilight of my youth
    Not that I'm going to remember
    Have you seen the moon tonight, is it full?
    Still burning as embers
    The people dancing in the corner of the city
    Happy, but I am sad
    I'm still dancing in the coma of the drinks I just had
    Does anybody wanna take me home?
    Does anybody wanna take me home?
    Take me to your house and I'll leave you alone
    Of course I will, of course I won't
    It seems so tragic, but it disappeared like magic
    Like magic
    Like magic

    Can you recommend an education of drugs
    Because I'm bored with you already
    I'm on Broadway and I think it's a parade
    Covered in pieces of confetti
    And I am in the twilight of my youth
    Not that I'm going to remember
    Dancing and slowly finding the truth
    And it covered in coma
    Oh, these people in my life, they seem so in love
    Well, I am not
    Memorizing my shoes in a cigarette shop
    Does anybody wanna take me home?
    Does anybody wanna take me home?
    I'm kinda lonely, will you take me home?
    Of course you will, of course you won't
    Of course I'm crass, it seems so tragic
    Of course you will, of course you won't
    But I'll disappear, I'll disappear
    Just like magic
    Just like magic
    Just like magic
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    Nobody here...besides me, seems to know what SLE is except for maybe Maritsa.

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    Mandy Moore INFP

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