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    Default Some VI

    This is challenging, because my pictures aren't all that good! But maybe someone can give me some type direction anyhow?

    These are my bf's parents.

    With their daughter on her wedding day...

    Years ago...

    And more recently...

    Personally, I've tried to type them and settled on ESFj for the dad and ENTj for the mom. Does that seem close to right?

    If you need description/relationship details as far as how they get along, just ask.

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    The mom looks kinda ILEish
    The saddest ESFj


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    dad looks cool as fuck

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    nt sf couple. male nt, female sf. probably alpha.

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    Malia: I don't understand why you always start with VI, and put so much emphasis on it. People here have such different opinions when it comes to VI, yet your descriptions are always so much more revealing about the personality than the photos. Surely it's easier to start with a description and use VI to assist, rather than start with ambiguous photos then give detailed descriptions? My two cents.

    I have no opinion with regards to the photos. With the woman - there's only one photo in which her eyes are clearly visible, and even then she's not looking at the camera. Clothing-wise, I find it difficult to assess personality from clothing, especially if the person is from a different place and a different generation. Ditto for the man.

    From your descriptions:

    Quote Originally Posted by MaliaFee View Post
    Good with money, finances, investing, bills, etc.
    Extremely bossy (bosses everyone in the family around)
    Not very emotionally expressive (didn't even cry when her mother and sister died, though I'm sure she was quite sad of course)
    Not very good with fine details when it comes to making things/cooking, but productive and hard-working and things she makes always comes out basically good and nourishing
    Main life focus is working, financial security of herself and her family
    She wears the pants in the family
    Not effusively talkative, but makes big bold statements and asks lots of questions
    Inclusive and social
    Quite open-minded
    Not sure about fashion/clothes, always asks other's advice and doesn't usually wear flattering clothing - mostly sticks with practical clothes
    Teacher by profession
    Gives advice on health matters (thinks health ills are largely created by the mind just because she has never had any health problems to speak of, so her advice is to think your way out of your illness or pain)
    Asks very invasive questions about things she's asked about lots of times before, as a way of reminding you of what she wants you to do in a sort of backhanded manner
    I think your description is a bit biased towards LIE (although obviously biases can be telling, since you're the one who's actually interacted with them), but from that description I think Te/Fi-valuing extrovert. "Think your way out of your illness or pain" seems more Gamma than Delta.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaliaFee View Post
    Very warm and friendly
    Self-described as very emotionally expressive
    Watches out for the feelings of everybody in his family
    Inclusive and social, but doesn't like to leave the house and travel too far
    Hard working and very knowledgeable about
    Very into color and texture of things, always noticing that kind of thing
    Fun and light-hearted
    Teacher by profession
    Gives lots of advice on attitude and how to feel better etc., in addition to practical advice on things like farming, etc.
    Given that you're alpha SF, I'm interpreting "warm and friendly" to mean Fe-valuing, and "fun and light-hearted" to mean Ne-valuing, which corresponds to your feeling that he's Alpha and how much you like him.
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    Nobody here...besides me, seems to know what SLE is except for maybe Maritsa.

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