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    K, so I don't think I've ever done this before on this forum, but here is a video of me and my cousin I made about two years ago. There's not much here in regard to V.I. but at least you get to hear how I sound. I was 20 I think back then and my cousin was 16. BTW, I'm the cameraman, and 'Cone' is actually what my cousin's family calls me. I think they forgot my real name...(hell sometimes I forget that my name isn't actually Cone.)

    He and I are generally similar, and for most of our lives, he usually followed my interests in a kind of relay race manner, where I'd get interested in something then he'd get interested in it shortly after. As we got older, our personalities started to diverge more (or perhaps just the differences became more salient), where he stayed mainly passive but confident, but followed me less and less, discovering his own interests and even getting me interested in some of his stuff (like metal music.) As for me, I am more proactive and stand-alone (kind of like both and independent and a leader in flip-flop, never really identifying with any group of people and making sure people know that and having an inability to be a follower of any sort. My mother used to say I have a 'big-shot' personality, and at the time that seemed sort of odd as I identified with INTp, but nowadays that actually makes more sense as I've become less and less shy. She said I used to bitch at my friends a lot, and for some of them, yeah, I'd say that's probably practically all I did. Case in point: one of my friends, who I typed as INFj back in the day, was like hitting a brick wall. He annoyed the fuck out of me for various reasons, and some days it seemed like all I did was bitch at him and sulk. He tended to call me 'emo' because of this, and of course that pissed me off even more. He was a good guy though, and regardless of how volatile I was, he always seemed to like me and want to hang out with me for reasons I never understood even to this day. That annoyed me too, and he seemed impervious to me telling him straight up to go away. We had our good times, but naw, I just couldn't take him in the long run.) My cousin and I are complimentary in some way, and generally we have the best of times together. He lets me lead, and I appreciate that, but sometimes it confuses me. I mean, I have no problem deciding what we do together, but sometimes I need to be pulled around myself. Or at least reassured that I'm making the right decisions, which he does do occasionally, or when I ask him. He's like my favorite person and one of my best friends.

    Anyway, I didn't really mean for this to be a self-description, but for the time being, here you go.

    Binary or dichotomous systems, although regulated by a principle, are among the most artificial arrangements that have ever been invented. -- William Swainson, A Treatise on the Geography and Classification of Animals (1835)

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    i guess nt. i want to think entp

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