I suck at this so I'm looking for your opinion. I'm guessing SLE and an 8 at the moment because you know he is my TV boyfriend and all but as I said I suck at this so...:\

A bit about him:

Was going to be a professional hockey player before an injury sidelined him
Spent a short time in NY as a homeless person as well as being a model and learning the craft of acting so he's a thespian bad ass...awesome
One of his favourite books is The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky <3
Certified personal trainer and nutritionist

Major TV/film roles

Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights
Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Kevin Carter in The Bang Bang Club (upcoming)
John Carter in John Carter of Mars (upcoming)

Here is what he says:

From the Quality of Life Project page:

Treating People with Respect

I've learned that having a huge ego or treating people in a derogatory way is simply going to leave you alone and stunt your growth. Itís also a realization that you can't be successful on your own. I am totally aware of the handful of people that believed in me and took those same risks in me that I did.

Getting things done: Alone Time

I take a few minutes alone during my morning coffee to map out how I want my day to go and what I want to accomplish. I also have a habit of keeping track of the way I feel in general. On a daily basis, I find myself taking that time to breath and stand on the outside looking in. This allows me to gain perspective.

Health: Diet

I do protein in the morning. One thing Iíll do is combine egg whites into my oatmeal. Also, I take in less carbs later in the day since Iím not as active and thus donít metabolize as well. My mood and whole attitude towards life revolves around what Iím putting into my body. The reality is that poor diet is a major contributor to the high rates of depression among children today.

Perspective: Taking Risks

Growing up, I was allowed to make mistakes and take risks. Although I'm sure it was hard for my mom to let me go and attempt my goals and dreams at such an early age, it was those experiences --the ups and definitely the downs -- that shaped so many of my values and formed the ground work and base I have been able to draw from later. Only by taking risks can you learn your true capabilities and have the foundation to keep growing and developing. I believe that going out and pushing myself the way I did instilled a work ethic that grounds me to this day.

He seems to like Kristin

Fly fishing

At Cannes